How to Pin Affiliate Links on Pinterest

Posted on September 13, 2013

Pinterest. It is a fantastic marketing tool for many companies, both small and big. All it takes is a great idea and an eye-catching product to run a successful marketing campaign on Pinterest. With the right Pinboard theme and product list, affiliate marketers could very easily use Pinterest to create beautiful ad campaigns with very little overhead or buildup. Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t like affiliate marketers to market their products on their service. This is understandable, as an excess of the wrong type of products could flood Pinterest with far too much spam, but knowing how to get around this restriction could be very useful for affiliate marketers who have a small number of products, or just one product that they would love to sell.

The Tools

For this tutorial, we are going to use Dropbox to host our product pages, and VigLink as our affiliate program.

The Setup


Before we create our special product page, we need to get our affiliate link. For those who are new to VigLink, go to, put your link in (I’m using this awesome Zombie Shower Gel for this example), and click “Build.” Copy the link, we’ll be getting to it soon.


Next, you will need to download the product image. This is necessary for Pinterest to be able to load. Save the image in your Dropbox Public folder, and name it something you will remember. We’ll be using it in the next step.

Because VigLink works on redirects, Pinterest isn’t able to grab an image from it. Trying to upload the image, and then putting the link in the description will be blocked by Pinterest as well (they know how to identify an affiliate link), so in order to pin a URL, and have people automatically redirected to the proper affiliate link, we will have to create a page that does a JavaScript redirect (a JavaScript redirect is a type of redirect that Pinterest can’t detect yet).

To create this product page, open up your Dropbox Public folder and create an HTML file (in this case, called zombie-power-gel.html).


Open that HTML file in a text editor, and copy and paste the following code into it:

Now, we’re almost there, but we have to change a few things. First, you will need to change AFFILIATE_LINK to the link you copied above (in my case, Next, you will need to change PRODUCT_IMAGE to the name of the product image you saved (again, in my case zombie-power-gel.jpg).

The Pin

Now, to pin the link, open up and navigate to your Public folder, right click on your HTML file, and click “Copy public link.”


In the next window, copy the link that is shown. This will be the link you pin to Pinterest.

Pinterest_-_Dropbox 2

I’m not going to walk you through how to pin to Pinterest, because Pinterest explains it far better than I can, but, here is a quick screenshot of the end result:


  • Andrew

    I’m not computer savy and I’m trying to find a javascript text editor program to do this. Any suggestions?

    • Zachary Flower

      I am a big fan of Sublime Text 2. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is very simple to use. You can download it at

  • http://www, Arshad Rehman

    In the VigLink box, do we put any product we find? Do we need to add our affiliate tag at the end before recreating the Viglink?

  • http://www, Arshad Rehman

    I got it to work up until the point of putting it into Pinterest, but it makes them download the html file. Once they open the file it redirects them.

    • Zachary Flower

      Hi Arshad! Just to confirm, is the folder your HTML file is in a public Dropbox folder? If not, try making the folder public, or put your files in your “Public” Dropbox folder.

  • Amal Kearns

    Hello, thanks for a great article and thanks for sharing…just wanted to say that Dropbox doesn’t have public folders for new accounts ! Is there a way to go around that?

  • Amal Kearns

    So I made the folders public by sharing them and getting a link…but the lonk looks different than your link when you copy it from Dropbox (my link has…etc instead of…etc )…please advise. Thanks.

  • Amal Kearns

    It’s all sorted. Man you’re a genius… thanks very much for sharing :)

    • Zachary Flower

      Glad you got it sorted out, Amal!

  • marko

    hi sorted out but i don’ you get public link ??

  • marko

    sorry pining is not allowed from this domain,,please contact the site operator ??? i got shared link but not have dl. ??

  • marko

    i find dl link in download but cannot pin it

  • Geri

    I have the same trouble like Amal (my link has…etc instead of…etc ).
    Can you please advice me?

  • jake

    I’m having a little issue. I got the public folder working correctly, and have the jpeg saved in the same location as the html file with the affiliate link & image.jpg entered.

    When trying to create a new pin though, i enter the dropbox public url and it then takes me to a page that says: Choose a Pin from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.comXXXXXXx..
    It doesn’t seem to be picking up on the image.

    • jake

      so, for what its worth. I got it working. However, when I used the public link from the HTML file, pinterest was not recognizing my picture.. So, as a work around I got it to work by using the public link from the image itself (.jpeg in the public folder). I pinned that, then later changed the source to the HTML file.. the image stayed there but the redirect now works.

  • LeePee

    Can this method work with skimlinks?

    • Zachary Flower

      Hey LeePee!

      As long as skimlinks uses a unique URL that you can redirect to, then I don’t think you’ll have any problems!

  • Vita

    Hello, thanks for sharing your experience. It really works! Have you automated this process? how much you earn by using this?

    • JJLuLi

      Hello Vita, I know that the information on this Blog Post must be outdated since Pinterest has blocked most, if not all forms of “link shortening” services (like those found in Viglink or… making it impossible for us to embed any type of Affiliate Link into Pinterest. Have you been successful in doing what Zachary has outlined in this Post? How? Can you share this information? Thanks.