8 Unforgettable Groomsmen Gifts

Posted on September 30, 2013

My wife is a wedding planner. Being married to a wedding planner has a tendency to put weddings on the brain, which has me thinking about everything from the groom’s perspective on a daily basis. One of the things that I remember from planning our wedding was trying to figure out an appropriate gift for my groomsmen. There are a million options out there, although seeing past the cigar cutters, hip flasks, and cufflinks can be a daunting task. Here are 10 of my favorite groomsmen gift options that I chose between.

1. How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone

How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone

Nothing is more exciting than a good book that nobody has ever heard of. The unique content of this book may or may not ever come in handy for your groomsmen, but it will provide hours of interest, and give them something to talk about for months. Buy Now – $20.89.


2. The Original Bacon Kit


The Original Bacon Kit

Bacon. There isn’t a man in the world who doesn’t love this sweet, sweet meat candy. Treat your groomsmen to this brilliant kit that allows them to turn a delicious pork belly into bacon. A true gift for any bacon lover. Buy Now – $32.19.

3. DIY Hooch Kit

DIY Hooch Kit

Perfect for any alcohol lover, the DIY Hooch Kit will give your groomsmen the ability to turn their favorite juice into liquor. Simply pop in the plug, and 2 days later they will be rewarded with a deliciously alcoholic version of their juice. Buy Now – $20.89.

4. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are the perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseurs among your groomsmen. They are a classic creation that allows them to cool down their whiskey without diluting it. Buy Now – $19.99+.

5. Victorian Web Pocket Watch

Victorian Web Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a gift that, while it won’t be used often, will be loved by your groomsmen. It is something that they can wear on your wedding day, on either their vests, or in their blazers (given that blazer has a watch fob button hole in the lapel). A pocket watch is the gift that I landed on for my groomsmen, and it went over really well! Buy Now – $26.99.

6. Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit

Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit

If you have any groomsmen that are scientists, or foodies, this is the perfect gift. Molecular cuisine is a new way to make beautiful food out of unorthodox ingredients in non-conventional ways. Words like spherification, gelification, and emulsification will replace roasting, boiling, and chopping. Buy Now – $58.95.

7. 12 Survivors Roll Up Survivor Kits

12 Survivors Roll Up Survival Knife Kit

Every man wants a roll-up knife set. It’s kind of a no-brainer why this would be a gift your groomsmen will go nuts for, so I’m going to save the explanation and let the picture do all the talking. Buy Now – $89.99.

8. Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kits

Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kits

Much like molecular cuisine, the Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kits are amazing gifts, as they turn the aspiring bartender into something akin to a mad scientist. Your groomsmen will have a blast learning to mix these sciency-looking drinks, and you’ll leave them with a few new tricks that few others are likely to know. Buy Now – $48.29.


  • http://www.gunthergifts.com/ Alice Ross

    Those whisky stones and survivor kits are for sure what my husband’s boyfriends love. These gift ideas are not just for groomsmen but can also be given as Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing these ideas as men is so hard to think of a gift.