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Hello, I’m Zach.

I’ve been developing software professionally since 2010 (unprofessionally since 2003), and in that time I have had the good fortune to build some awesome things for some great companies.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Computer Science, I took a job as a broadcast engineer with Omnibus Systems. While the job afforded me the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of the industry with companies like Starz Entertainment, DirecTV, E! Studios, and FOX Broadcasting, I wasn’t writing software like I studied to do. After about a year at Omnibus, I got my first software development job at name.com and spent the next five years working my way through the Boulder startup scene as a developer at several Techstars and Foundry Group portfolio companies.

Currently, I lead backend development at Emerson Stone, a design and branding agency in Boulder, CO, and am also a contributing writer for both Fixate IO and TechTarget.

I’m also the founder of the MUD Coders Guild, a small community of text-based game development hobbyist, and tend to spend my free time poking around with new technologies, contributing to open source, and building unique creative projects.

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